Åberg Copenhagen impressed

with fast startup process


Åberg Copenhagen offer their customers a wide variety of unique styles within luxury boheme. Their

style is a mix of delicate silhouettes combined with feminine details such as pearls and lace.

They target fashion-aware women from 25-50, who want to stay on top of their fashion game without

paying for overly expensive pieces.

Case studie

At first we didn´t have much knowledge of Anyday. Quickly we were drawn to the idea of offering  a

payment method free of charge for our customers.

The entire onboarding process went by really seamless. We felt very well informed, and before we knew

it, their technichians had made sure we were live with Anyday.

Since then, we have only been in touch with their customer service a few times, who quickly helped us

solve our minor difficulties.

Anyday outperformed our other installment payment method from day one. Compared to other

payment methods we have seen an increase in average order value of 72 % compared to transactions

made with other payment methods.

“The entire onboarding went by really smooth. We felt very well informed, and before we knew it, their technichians had made sure we were live with Anyday.”

Ne Viola, Åberg Copenhagen

About Åberg Copenhagen

+ 72 %

Increase in avarage order value

Women aged 25-50

Target group




Shop system

March 16th 2021

Live with Anyday


“It’s not just about payments. What’s really cool is that we cannow lean on Anyday for client insights and marketing ideas.”

— Mike Youngblood, Director of IT and Operations

“Anyday definitely provides a lower barrier of entry for many
of the customers that are getting maxed out on their credit cards during Q4 and the holidays.”

— John Kirsch, President and CEO

“We aren’t afraid to try new things, to iterate, and be creative together. It’s still early days, but we are happy results.”

- Landon Wood, Co-founder

Green Goddess raising their average order value with 128%

“Anyday’s solution, where customers can split their payment up
to 5.000 DKK, has liftet our conversion rate. Orders made with
Anyday are on average 128% higher than our order value with
any other form of payment”.