With our previous split payment solution, we did not receive a single order for six months.


SassyLAB is an online universe for reselling second-hand clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Founded by entrepreneurial couple Stine Vestergaard-Hansen & Thomas Medard Frederiksen.

On average, Danes buy 10.2 kg of clothes per year. In fact, Danish clothing consumption is 35% higher than the average clothing consumption of the rest of the world's population. Overconsumption of clothes has a huge negative impact on the environment and unfortunately only a small proportion of clothes is recycled.

When you buy your clothes from SassyLAB, you are contributing to a better environment and helping to combat clothing waste by buying second-hand rather than new.

SassyLAB aims to encourage consumers to reduce their consumption of new clothes. I think Anyday is a super good match as we would like our customers to be able to pay back quickly and not be charged interest and fees on their purchases.

When we had to get Anyday set up on our webshop, it was incredibly easy to get onboarded and it went smoothly. We did have a challenge in our checkout along the way, where some customers couldn't see their orders. When I made them aware of the problem I experienced incredible customer service.

In terms of our results with having Anyday on our webshop, we are happy and satisfied. We are a relatively new solution and webshop, but working with Anyday I feel we can look forward to a bright future. Our experience is that customers browse through and like to act quickly as there is only one of each item. Therefore we see that customers like to add more to the basket, which gives us more attractive basket sizes. And then it really fits well with the fact that our customers don't have to pay everything at once, as they can then split the payment over several times.

With our previous split payment solution, not a single order came in for six months. With Anyday, orders have been coming in fast. So I feel that Anyday is much more attractive for my target group and it is my impression that the other solutions that cost customers fees probably scared my target group away.

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"In terms of our results with having Anyday in our shop, we are happy and satisfied, we are a relatively new solution and webshop, but in collaboration with Anyday I feel we can be looking forward to a bright future"
Thomas, SassyLAB

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+ 118.63 %
Increase in avarage order value
Women from 25-55
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May 7th 2022
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