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How did it go with your online store in 2019? Are you happy? Was your online store ready to get run over by your customers during Christmas shopping?

Andy Williams is singing “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. We can only agree here at ANYDAY, but if you want to create online success, then you need to be sure that the technical parts can handle as much as possible without breaking down.

It’s a necessity, that you demand that the technology in your online store is working.

So we have made a smart move there at ANYDAY. We have made a cooperation with Clearhaus which gives us the opportunity to provide a strong acquirer.

What is an acquirer?

An acquirer is a company that makes it possible for customers to choose between different payment options and makes it possible for you to get your money for the orders.

We at ANYDAY are demanding, that the acquirer in our payment solutions has to be stable and have maximal uptime. Uptime is a condition where a system is operating 100%.

Nobody in the e-commerce business can guarantee 100% uptime, because unexpected things can always happen.

Some things are out of our control. We know that.
But Clearhaus has proven to the rest of the e-commerce business that they have the highest standard, when it comes to uptime.

How? You might think. Clearhaus creates more capacity in the system, so when you get more traffic in your online store, you will experience that it still works as it should do. So your online store will be able to store many customers, which should be the reality for all stores.

Why is Clearhaus so important to us? They are important, because it is so demotivating to lose the customer in the check-out, when they have gone all that way.

Nobody wants to experience this:

The webshop is up and running. You have used many resources on branding your business on different social medias.
You know how to create the perfect customer journey on your webshop, and everything is as it should be.

You know what you are doing.

And then you lose everything, because your online store has an error. Even though you bought extra data, because you have been told that du have to do that, if you want to be ready for many customers.

But unfortunately that is not enough.

And then you have to apologize to the customers that went shopping on another store, because that store didn’t have a technical error.

And there is nothing as demotivating as telling your customers that they can’t shop because of a technical error. That you can’t make money because of a technical error.

So we don’t only make sure that you can offer your customers a variety of payment options. We also make sure that you don’t have to worry, when ANYDAY is a payment solution in your online store.

What is the meaning of using time and energy on making a perfect webshop, if the customers have technical challenges, when they want to pay? That doesn’t help you get online success, and that’s why technical errors are the enemy when it comes to creating success for you and your online store.

Because the goal is to have online success, right? Do we even have to ask?

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Tilmeld dig nyhedsbrev

Vil du blive klogere på e-commerce og blive opdateret på, hvad ANYDAY går og laver?

Vi giver dig de bedste nyheder inden for online betalinger, e-commerce, forbrugermentalitet med mere.

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