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Pay with anyday and support vulnerable children

About the

We have allied ourselves with CoolUnite! Since the summer of 2021, for every payment made with Anyday, a penny was set aside for CoolUnite - and that amounted to 35.434 DKK.

We want to continue improving the lives of even more vulnerable and sick children. Therefore, we have decided to continue this initiative in 2022, we will therefore continue to set aside money for CoolUnite.

Thank you to all of you for supporting Anyday as a payment! Together with you we can help CoolUnite with their important work. We can’t wait to share how much we donate in total to CoolUnite at the end of the year! We love seeing charities like CoolUnite grow and make a big difference in our community.

“We believe that everyone deserves a good life.
If we can make a difference for children facing
difficilties, we are more than happy to help”

Jonas Overgaard, CEO Anyday

CoolUnite is a danish foundation that support vulnerable children, providing them an easier everyday.
CoolUnite contributes with donation for other organizations supporting the same cause. The
foundation is also co-founder of Cool Car Race, which since 2012 has collected more than 2 million

Every donation counts. When you are making a donating, CoolUnite will make sure that your entire
contribution goes to a good cause