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Vision Statement

To be customer centric and always improving our checkout experience

Mission Statement

To create the best shopping experience for consumers by taking the e-commerce checkout into the 21st century

Our Values


We operate on all kinds of online stores. All personalities and challenges will be met constructively. Our work environment is open to all genders, regardless of age, religion, handicap or ethnical background.


ANYDAY has been born into this world to simplify the road to success for Merchants. We go to work every day with our vision in front of us and put effort into making it an everyday reality.


At ANYDAY we believe that more hands gives a better outcome. That is why it is important for us to have a team full of teamplayers. Our Merchants have ONE contact person, who values the cooperation between ANYDAY and the Merchant highly.

ANYDAY Timeline

  • 2020


    ANYDAY A/S is founded

    ANYDAY A/S is founded and starts to offer ANYDAY Pay in Denmark and Norway,through their partners Clearhaus and Quickpay, from their newly established offices in Esbjerg, Denmark and Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • March

    The Spanish chapter begins

    ANYDAY A/S expands to the Spanish market from its newly established Alicante office in Spain.

  • May

    Vipps x ANYDAY

    ANYDAY A/S signs an agreement with a popular Norwegian mobile payment. Vipps is a highly demanded payment method in Norway for consumers. The partnership ensures ANYDAY’s partners to be quickly and easily integrated with Vipps.

  • June

    ANYDAY A/S establishes the Advisory Board

    To constantly follow current trends and ensure the best possible payment solutions, we established the ANYDAY Advisory board. The Advisory Board houses individuals who all have a successful experience in the e-commerce industry.

    The experts in the ANYDAY Advisory Board are: Carsten Phalke, Director and Founder of, Osuma.dk. Jørgen Balle Olesen, Founder of Saxo.dk and Peter Hestbæk, Head of Digital Sales & Marketing, Matas.dk.

  • July

    ANYDAY A/S expands its Board of Directors

    Jørgen Balle Olesen, founder of saxo.dk, joins ANYDAY’s board. The Board of Directors currently consists of: Martin Jørgensen, Jonas Overgaard, Kenneth Ahlquist, Christopher Mosses, and Jørgen Balle Olesen.
  • August

    ANYDAY Split

    ANYDAY A/S launches ANYDAY Split for the benefit of online stores and their costumers. ANYDAY Split is a fair installment payment solution, where the online store offers its customers to split their payments into 4 equal installments. ANYDAY Split has been established on the basis that online stores and their costumers have long demanded a fair and transparent installment payment product.
  • September

    ANYDAY Shop Collection

    ANYDAY A/S presents the shop collection to let the ANYDAY consumers know where to make their next purchase with ANYDAY Split. Our partners will be added for free to help generate traffic to their online store.

  • December

    ANYDAY Marketplace

    In December ANYDAY launches the Marketplace. The Marketplace is a collection of tools and software that add value to online stores.

  • 2021


    Partnership with Dandomain

    ANYDAY partners with DanDomain and creates an integration between Split and DanDomain, providing all DanDomain stores an easy access to ANYDAY Split.

More to come


We proudly present the individuals of team ANYDAY, who show up everyday to make sure

ANYDAY accomplishes its goals.

The motivation for ANYDAY

After many years in the ecommerce business, Jonas Overgaard realizes that there is still a massive need to make it more simple to create and run a successful online store.

The ecommerce world can be like one big jungle. If you want to run an online store, you first need to choose a payment gateway. The most important requirement most have in that regard is that it is an easy to use payment gateway. After that, you need an acquirer agreement so your online store can start offering different payment options for your customers – which is only the technical part.

The technical part is one thing, but besides the technical, there is a lot of information you need to learn fast to keep growing every day. Where should you start? Who should you choose? What is both the best option right now and in the future? You need to find answers to all these questions and more. Most likely, a lot of these choices become random because you run tired in this whole process. 

We have created ANYDAY to give Merchants an easy and simple setup and everyday operation process. ANYDAY is a team of talented e-commerce nerds who aims to dress our Merchants with as many skills as they want.

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  • Offices

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We will help you throughout the journey.  Simple and Easy.  

We will help you throughout the journey.  Simple and Easy.  

We will help you throughout the journey.  Simple and Easy.  

We will help you throughout the journey.  Simple and Easy.  

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We will help you throughout the journey.  Simple and Easy.  

We will help you throughout the journey.  Simple and Easy.  

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