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There are several benefits from having the logos of the big players in the payment option world on your website. With visible logos in your online store, the customer is not in doubt about how they can choose to pay at your online store. 

Besides the information about possible payment options, your online store also appears more credible when your customers can see that you have made agreements with big companies that demand certain requirements of you as an online store owner.

Logo folders terms of use

Pay attention to follow the guidelines from the different companies logos

When several logos are next to each other, they need to be the same size

It is not permitted to make any changes to the logos.


Are you a Merchant or a partner of ANYDAY and you need an ANYDAY logo? Underneath you can retrieve a folder that contains our logos, that you can use. That way, your customers will be able to see that you have made an agreement with us.

Download logos

Card payments

Are you a Merchant or a partner of ANYDAY you can find the VISA and MasterCard logos here. This way, you can show your customers that you accept payments from the two most popular payment options in the world.

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Card Payments – Security Package

Are you a Merchant and you wish to show your customers that it is safe for them to shop at your online store? You can download logos that show your customers are safe when they choose to pay with Visa or MasterCard at your online store.

Download logos



Mobile Payments

Are you a Merchant? ApplePay, Vipps & Mobilepay logos are ready for you to download here, so that you can show your customers you accept some of the most popular mobile payments in the world.

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