ANYDAY supports Dankort

Dankort is a Danish debet card. Combined with Visa/Dankort, there are over 3.5 million users in Denmark. Therefore, we recommend that you have Dankort in your Gateway if you sell in DKK and in Denmark.

National payment method in Denmark

Instant payment to the online store

High degree of security

How do I get Dankort in my online store?

It is very easy to get Dankort in your online store. You just have to make a deal with the Nets and then ANYDAY takes care of the rest.

 As we set up your ANYDAY gateway, we implement your Dankort agreement so that you can immediately receive Dankort payments.

 You can read further here how to get a Dankort agreement with Nets.

Dankort – High level of security 

Dankort is also one of the most secure cards in the world. When purchasing over DKK 450 online, the customer will be asked for an SMS approval, so it reduces card abuse.

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