Do you want to know how we will become your favorite payment solution?

We have gone all-in on a series of actions, to make the operations of your online store as easy as ever.

ANYDAY has a short wait

It is important for us to pick up the phone when you need your questions answered. It is easy and simple to onboard ANYDAY to your online store, and it is just as easy to continuously receive the help you may need along the way.

ANYDAY offers several payment options

Offer your customers the most popular payment options – worldwide. We cooperate with Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Vipps and more. We offer a low transaction fee and exceptional agreements with several payment options, which you may want to offer your customers.

ANYDAY is a plugin

ANYDAY is a simple payment solution – all around. Our solution operates as a plugin, ensuring fast onboarding on your website. Your customers will be able to pay through ANYDAY on your website within 48 hours from receiving the necessary information we need through our online form.

ANYDAY operates with subscriptions

Are you offering subscriptions on your website? Use ANYDAY as a payment solution for your subscriptions with the ability to store your customers’ payment details.

ANYDAY Payouts

We payout your orders daily, weekly or monthly. We payout to the IBAN and SWIFT you have provided us with. You do need to remember to capture your orders in your payment gateway before they are paid out to you. If you have any doubts about what information we need from you, you can read more about it in our helpdesk.

ANYDAY has a 3-D secure agreement

We offer 3-D secure for Mastercard and Visa to make your customers’ payments even more secure. 3-D Secure is an XML-based protocol designed to prevent fraud when shopping online. The customers’ security is enhanced because they will be forwarded to a 3-D secure site for safe payment.

Clearhaus as an acquirer

Clearhaus is the acquirer of ANYDAY. Clearhaus ensures your ability to retrieve payments from your selected payment options. Clearhaus is an acquiring bank that enables your online store to accept payments. An acquirer ensures that you can easily accept payments on your website – meaning your online store gets approved to offer different payment options for your customers. The acquirer also ensures payouts to your account from your customers’ orders. ANYDAY’s cooperation with Clearhaus transforms ANYDAY from a simple payment gate to a complete service unit, which takes care of everything related to your customers’ payments.

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