ANYDAY supports Klarna

Klarna is a well-known payment solution in Sweden and Norway.

With Klarna you give customers the opportunity to pay in any way they want.

Pay Now & Pay Later

Popular in Norway and Sweden

Give customers the opportunity for financing

Klarna - A lot of opportunities

Of course, they have the opportunity to pay right away, but they can also make a payment arrangement of up to 36 months. In addition, the customer can choose to have a single invoice for all its purchases, to which the customer can at the same time split the invoice into installments.

This gives the customer a high level of flexibility and at the same time gives the online store a larger basket and higher conversion rate.

Klarna takes care of all the risk, so that no matter what form of payment the customer chooses, your online store will always receive the money for a product.

Through Klarna it is also possible to integrate iDEAL, an online payment method that is especially popular in the Netherlands.

How do I get Klarna in my online store?

An agreement with ANYDAY allows you to easily integrate Klarna into your ANYDAY gateway.

We take care of the whole setup – all you have to do is have a V1 appointment with Klarna in advance.

On Klarna’s website you can read more about the many benefits and how to get a V1 deal with them.


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