Ensures your prices are always competitive


Ensures your prices are always competitive


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PriceShape offers a tool that ensures your prices are always competitive. This tool empowers you to always have an overview of your competitors’ pricings. The software makes it possible for you to set dynamic pricing and update your prices in real time based on your competitors’ pricing. 

In your PriceShape account you will be able to set up your desired pricing strategy. Do you want to always be cheaper than competitors on a specific product? Not a problem – just set it up in your PriceShape account. Additionally, the PriceShape software helps you determine where to place your marketing budget for the most beneficial outcome. Furthermore, the software allows you to follow your competitors’ pricing history. 

PriceShape’s customer service can help you generate a product feed if you wish to be present on price comparison sites such as Pricerunner.

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With PriceShape you get: 

Why PriceShape? 

Like ANYDAY, PriceShape takes a customer centric approach. With dynamic pricing you can ensure that your customers always feel like they have a good experience. If consumers save money by shopping on your site, while simultaneously being presented with a fair payment solution, then you will, in cooperation with ANYDAY and PriceShape, ensure that your customers become returning customers!

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