Increase your profits from paid advertising


Increase your profits from paid advertising


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Get a bigger piece of the pie, instead of continuing to waste money on marketing that generates no profit.

Do as who doubled their profits generated from Google Ads in only two months with – whilst simultaneously cutting their GoogleAds down by 60 %. That is what we call success. strengthens your daily work with e-commerce by giving you a real-time overview of your profits, a clear focus of the profitability on your orders, ads, channels, and campaigns. ProfitMetrics sends profit data into Google and Facebook for you to optimize your advertising by profit rather than revenue.

A ROAS goal based on revenue is the current standard – but that is a standard we are working hard to change. A ROAS goal based on revenue is a goal that is filled with compromises. In fact we are experiencing an ability to cut between 10 and 20 % of the ad spend when we change from a ROAS goal to a POAS goal (profit on ad spend) by using the data from ProfitMetrics.
Read more about ROAS vs POAS here

ProfitMetrics cooperates with your current setup and makes it easy for your company to change profit to your primary KPI. It takes minimal effort to implement ProfitMetrics and put an end to all of the activities that are a waste of money for your business.


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