MobilePay included with ANYDAY

MobilePay is used by over 4 million consumers in Denmark and is a super easy tool for your customers to use.

The customer pays with one swipe

More than 4 million users in Denmark

More 100,000 business customers

Mobile payment method in Denmark

The customer simply creates their debit card in the MobilePay app and they are good-to-go. The actual payment is made by the customer signing in their MobilePay app with the self-selected code and making their purchase. Completely secure and without having to re-enter your card details.

MobilePay will appear in your gateway just like Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay and your other payment options.

The more forms of payment you offer your customers, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

How do I get MobilePay in my online store?

An agreement with ANYDAY allows you to add MobilePay to your gateway – completely free of charge.

When setting up an ANYDAY account, you will be asked if you want MobilePay. After that, we will manage the entire setup and you will have an outstanding payment solution that includes MobilePay. MobilePay charges a transaction fee of DKK 1 for each transaction.

Should you be interested in other popular forms of payment? At ANYDAY we also offer Apple Pay.

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