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Security is our first priority when we are working with personal information, as we do here at ANYDAY. Everybody has to feel safe when they are shopping online. Everybody has to be protected when they are shopping online. That is not up for discussion.

That’s why we have the PCI Data Security certificate. This certificate is a united international standard for how data from payment cards is being processed. This demands that storage, transfer and handling of data from payment cards should hold a certain standard. And it demands the way it is being controlled.

This means that ANYDAY has responsibility for the following:

  • Delivery of a yearly report, that is called “Report on Compliance” which is made by a Qualified Security Assessor
  • Delivery of quarterly network scannings, which is made by an “Approved Scan Vendor”
  • That we are living up to a list of rules and guidelines about how we are handling and storing the data

The PCI Data Security Standard is a demand, when you are operating with MasterCard and Visa. Read more about how they work with security here:

MasterCard Compliant Service Provider List

Visa Europe Merchant Agent List

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