The marketing manager talks – 3 tips for your online store

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Lasse billede

When you have ANYDAY’s simple payment solution, it is over with concentrating about the check out flow, and worrying about if your online payment solutions is user friendly enough.

It leaves you many hours, and why not use those hours on something useful?

So the question is: Do you want to spend that time on coffee meetings or do you want to improve your online marketing? 

I don’t have the answer for your webshop, but I have 3 tips I want to share with you. 3 tips that describe a part of that knowledge and experience I have from online marketing.

1. Make the customer journey easy 

E-commerce business is a tough one, and you surely have many competitors that you want to get rid of. But why not at it in a positive way? The fact that others think that there is a market for those things you want to sell in your online store?

All it takes is that you run faster than them! 

  • When was the last time you had a look at the customer journey that you provide? Imagine a physical store where you can’t find the products because it’s too messy! 
  • Is your webshop easy and manageable? 
  • How many touchpoints does the customer have to go through to get to your checkout?
  • Are you helping your customer? Look at your intern link building as a directory more than a SEO tool. Help your customers to go the right way, so they don’t end up somewhere they don’t want to be. 

Of course you think that you have the greatest webshop of them all! 

My best advice is though that you are critical. Be critical to the touchpoint a customer has to go through and optimize if you are not satisfied. You have to be your own best critic. 

Make sure that your pagespeed is on point. Do not have to heavy files in your online store. It’s very typical that there are pictures and movies on a website that are too heavy. Compress the files or use the plug-ins in your backend. If you are not good at using your backend, then you can ask for help – there are many people who can help you! 

Check out your pagespeed score here. 

If your pagespeed is too low, the consequence can be that people will leave your store immediately!  

My best advice is therefore: Evaluate! Optimize! Execute! 

2. Use Google Shopping 

Are you using Google Shopping in your online marketing? 

If you don’t, I can highly recommend it. Google Shopping ads are shown on top or on the right when you are searching on Google. 

When the setup is done, the operation is very easy. 

First of all you have to generate your product feed. You can generate it in your backend. There will be many useful plug-ins for you depending on what kind of CMS system you have. 

After this you export the feed to your Google Merchant Center, which you in the meantime have created and linked to your Google Ads). 

Then you create a Shopping campaign on Google Ads and import your Merchant Center Feed, and then you are good to go! 

You will not have the opportunity to enter a keyword as you do with a normal Google Ads campaign, so it’s very important that you use your keywords in your product titles.

But you will still be able to work with the negative keywords, so you get the most out of it. 

Negative keywords are the words that you add to your campaigns that you don’t want to be associated with. Often it’s words like “used”, “free”, “how”, “guide” or other words that are not matching your products. 

3. Make your customers your ambassadors 

In most cases it will be cheaper for you to make a resale to existing customers than constantly trying to get new. 

So why not please the customers you already have? 

  • Give something like a voucher to those who submits to you newsletter 
  • Personalize your email marketing, so the customer is called by its name
  • Do something unpredictable in the package you send to your customer – a small extra gift will harm no one 
  • Ask for their feedback. Critique is only helping you to optimize the customers experience. 
  • Ask your customer if you may use the feedback for your online marketing. Peer-to-peer is more important than what you tell the world. 
  • Congratulate the customer on its birthday, wish a merry christmas and a happy new year. It shows that you have the surplus to show them that you appreciate them. 
  • Make inspirational and creative content that makes your customers interact with each other on social media. 

This is just a small part of the tools you can use. Search for inspiration in all those places where you experience good service. Copy that into your own flow. 

This is all I have for now. Duty calls at ANYDAY!

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