6 easy steps for opening an online store

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betalingsløsning webshop

Hey! Do you have a dream about opening a webshop, but you don’t know where to start? 

We know it here at ANYDAY! It feels like trekking in the jungle without mosquito spray. 

In this blog post, we will guide you through what we think are the most important things you should have in mind when you want to open your online store.  

Why? Because we want to make sure that the setup is easy for you, and that the operational part is just as easy. From business plan to payment solution.

There are many technical things that should be taken care of when you want to open a webshop, and many of us are too used to having difficulties with having an online store. 

But it shouldn’t be difficult to have an online store just because there are a lot of technical parts in being online. 

It’s our highest wish that you are living your dream and that you succeed. Let us help you!

STEP 1: Make a business plan 

Before we begin talking about the technicalities, it is a good idea to write down some thoughts and ideas. Make a small business plan, so you are more clear about what you want. The business plan includes this: 

  • A short description of what you sell in your online store. For example Outdoor items for camping. 
  • The name you want for your online store. 
  • What is motivating you to start this online store?
  • Target group, you want to sell the products to. Age, sex, demography. It’s good to have that in mind when you start branding your business.

STEP 2: Find a domain and a web hotel

So far so good! Now you have to decide what domain you want. The domain is the web address for your online store. 

If you search for domains on Google, you can find different sites that tell you, if the domain is taken or not.

You can also see what domains are better than others. If the domain is very good, it may be more expensive.

Don’t make the domain too long or too difficult to read. The easier it is for the customers to remember your web address, the easier it is for the customer to visit your online store and even better: It’s easier to talk to the rest of the world with the nice products you sell.

And then your webshop has to go to a hotel. It may sound silly, but a web hotel is important because it’s a server that helps you make sure that your data stays in your online store and that the webshop is running, so your customers can visit your store and buy your products. 

STEP 3: Decorate the store 

There are many different shop systems and CMS systems to choose between. These systems are the stores and where you decorate your shop.

It’s good to choose a shop system because it’s made for online shopping, but a CMS system is better for branding because it’s a website system, where you can choose to add online shopping.

ANYDAY works in most of the systems, so you don’t have to worry about choosing the right one. 

If you ask Google, you will quickly get to know what kind of CMS system and/or shop system is the right one for you.

STEP 4: Write, write, write! 

Here at ANYDAY, we are so happy about online marketing. Let’s start with the things that are necessary for the setup of your online store. 

Your products need descriptions so that the customers will have no doubt about what they put in their basket.

Besides that you make it more clear what you sell, it will help you be more visible when people are searching for products like yours on Google.

So when a potential customer wants a certain product and searches for it online, chances that the customer will find your webshop are much bigger. And that increases your chances of selling more products.

When you are done writing about your products, you can start writing about your company. The more you write in your online store, the more credible the customers will think you are.

But of course: Quality over quantity.

Just make sure that you are informative in your online store. Hold the customers’ hands from the moment they are on your webshop until they buy something. Or else they will go find another store that will do so.

STEP 5: Find a delivery company 

Are you selling physical items? Then it’s important that your customers are receiving these. It’s essential that they get delivered on time.

If the customer has to wait too long for the package, and you don’t make the process clear enough, the customer will worry. 

If the customer worries, the customer will not shop in your online store again.

STEP 6: Get ANYDAY in your online store

Last but not least. ANYDAY. 

It’s very important that the customer has no problems with paying in your online store. The customer will leave if it’s too difficult. 

Yes, you heard it right! A customer goes into your webshop, puts items in the basket and will not hesitate to leave again if it’s too difficult to pay.

With ANYDAY as a payment solution in your online store, it is possible for you to give the customer a good experience with the payment.

The payment is the part that really matters when it comes to your success. ANYDAY is a payment solution with a gateway and an acquirer. The customer pays with the preferred payment option, and you get your money. So simple.

Contact us, and together we can kick start your journey towards online success.

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