7 reasons why you should use email marketing

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Email marketing

More and more people look at email marketing as an outdated method of marketing your business. However, marketers know how beneficial email is to their overall marketing strategy because email marketing is an effective way to connect with leads and convert them into customers. It is crucial for marketing strategies like inbound, content, and account-based marketing and it is a great way to get your customer’s attention and engage them.

Report from hubspot.com in 2020 shows that 78% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months, 59% of respondents say marketing email influence their purchase decisions and 80% of business professionals believe that email marketing increases customer retention.

These stats show the importance of email marketing as a marketing tool for marketers.

Here is ANYDAY’s list with 7 reasons why you should use email marketing.  

Create traffic to your website

With email marketing, you can send users to your website. Along with your email content provide CTAs (Call to action) within the emails that take your users to your website. These CTAs could lead users to your contact, sign up, or download page where the users can take actions and engage. This could for example be if you create a newsletter that includes your blog, you can send users to your blog page where they engage with your content. This can help you generate leads that find your content interesting and potentially can be your customer.

Improve your sales

Email marketing can help you increase your sales. In your email marketing, you can feature your products or services in your emails to entice customers into purchasing. It can provide your customers with information about the sale, discount, or other promotional activity. You can also use email marketing as a reminder to customers who put products into the cart but did not check out, reminding them to complete their purchase.

Email campaigns are almost free of charge

Creating email campaigns is cost-effective. The only costs of creating an email campaign are the salary to the employee creating the campaign and the platform you are using to create your email flow, for example, HubSpot or Intercom. 

As email marketing being the marketing tool with the highest ROI, it can be argued that this is really well given out taken the low costs of creating email marketing in mind.

Personalized content increases customer engagement

Email marketing gives you the ability to create personalized content for your customers. For example, adding a contact’s first name to the email is a great way to personalize your emails and it gives your emails a higher click-through rate. 74% of marketers say targeted personalization increases customer engagement rates.

Providing good customer service

Email can help you provide your customers with the best service. With a lot of questions and concerns doing the shopping process, emails provide your customers with the right information. Responding quickly to their questions makes your customers happy and satisfied with investing in your products. You can further ask for feedback and provide them with more informative content after they make a purchase. 

Gathering feedbacks

Feedback is very important for businesses. Every business wants to know its customer’s thoughts about the products or services. Email marketing can help you collect these feedbacks from your customers. You can ask your customers in an email to rate their experience with the product or their customer service. A short survey can also help you gather information about their experience with your brand.

Reaching your customers at the right time

Email marketing makes it so much easier for you to reach your audience. People in the workforce are constantly checking their email, and you can easily reach them through your email marketing. They are using multiple devices to check emails, and especially their mobile devices, which means that you can reach them immediately.

Want to read more interesting e-commerce news? Go to ANYDAY’s blog.

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