Black Friday: 9 essential steps to prepare your online store

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Black Friday

Black Friday is approaching rapidly, and very soon consumers will overrun your online store in the pursuit of the best offers. With no control over the situation, you are starting to panic a little bit because you are by far not prepared for this situation. But hang on! We can help you avoid this particular scenario with these simple 9 steps from ANYDAY:

The 9 essential steps to prepare Black Friday:


Step 1: Start early – Consumers are looking for deals in October

Start planning for Black Friday now if you haven’t started yet! Almost every consumer knows about Black Friday and the money that can be saved, which is why a lot of consumers already start to plan their shopping list for Black Friday in October.

Step 2: Prepare your email marketing

Email marketing is meant for all parameters to be the way forward. Report shows that 25% of all sales during Black Friday have originated from email marketing. Go all-in on this and prepare your email strategy! You will avoid paying way to high marketing money on paid ads with high CPC (Cost Per Clicks).

Email marketing allows you to directly connect with your loyal customers and those who have joined your email list. This allows you to provide them with a special discount for their loyalty.

Prepare your email well in advance. Have the copy ready, the images ready and the email prepped to go. Give yourself plenty of time and opportunities to review everything before the big day.

Step 3: Make your Black Friday landing page visible

If your Black Friday landing page isn’t visible, how would you secure being top of mind in your customers’ heads when Black Friday goes live? As you see in step one, the consumers start early looking for offers so they can plan their shopping list for Black Friday. It would be a shame if they didn’t choose to put your online store on the list because you are too late out. Start a few months before planning your strategy and how you will market that strategy – marketing is a keyword here!

Also, remember to take advantage of a year-long landing page. If annually you make a new landing page to boost Black Friday sales, your SEO will start from scratch, and you will most certainly not be listed on top of the search results. Safe your latest landing page to next year and get a better SEO score!

Step 4: Make customers aware of your Black Friday event

Make some noise, shout out loud, use graphic elements in your online store. There must be no doubt whether your online store is joining the Black Friday wave as well. A good idea is to make a Black Friday banner on your online store or maybe a countdown to when Black Friday goes live on your store. In that case, you will always remind your customers on Black Friday.

Use your social media platforms. Update your profile, change your cover, make sure that your followers are aware of your Black Friday event or offers. Create visibility for your online store to the consumers – the more the better!

Step 5: Make sure to plan and manage your budgets

Planning, planning, planning. We can’t say this enough. You will have to make a plan for everything, otherwise, it will be very difficult to keep on track with everything. Early in the process, talk with your marketing team or consultants about the budgets. If you choose to spend valuable money on ads, you will have to keep in mind that the CPC is much higher on big event days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, etc. You have to be aware that there is a possibility that your Facebook ads will get no views if you don’t set your budget high enough from the start and your segmentation to hit the nail on the head!

Don’t let the budgets get out of your hands, so make sure to plan and track your data and budgets!

Step 6: Do your research on which offers to run and don’t forget your competitors

Do your research before choosing which products you want to run deals on. Look at the market and which products the consumers are looking for because your offers have to be attractive for them. Look at what offers that sold well last year in the market. Also, do yourself a favor and check out what your competitors are offering. Sign up their newsletter and look into their social media to make sure that your offers are at least as good or better compared to your competitors.

Step 7: Make sure that your stock is synchronized with your online store

If you want to succeed on Black Friday, you need to keep track of your inventory. Many online stores forget that their average inventory typically is not sufficient when it comes to Black Friday, resulting in sold-out products. How would you as a customer react to an online store filled with sold-out products? Probably not very well. It would be a disappointing sight for your customers to see all your products as sold out, and they would probably leave your store immediately and find the product at one of your competitors instead. Therefore, make sure to keep track of the inventory in advance.

Step 8: Offer unique guest service and be present during Black Friday

There is no doubt that you will experience a lot more traffic on your online store during Black Friday, and all the consumers will probably have a lot of questions during their shopping, so make sure that you are present all the time during Black Friday answering all the consumer’s questions! Consumers will probably have a larger shopping list during the day, so they will have to find the best offers before the products are sold out. Consumers will probably also have lower patience than usual, and that is why it is essential for your sales that you are available to answer their concerns or questions all day long!

Step 9: Black Friday vs Black Week 

This is probably one of the most important steps. As you probably already are aware of, Black Friday is not just a Black Friday anymore. No, it is more like a Black Week, because so many shops and online stores are doing an early start on Black Friday on Thursday or maybe even before. Besides that, many also extend their offers on both Saturday and Sunday, and then we have Cyber Monday. So, for many companies, we are talking about 4-6 days with sales and offers instead of just Black Friday. It is essential for your company that you are ahead of the game and have a great strategy for the whole Black Week as you don’t want to miss out on a great number of sales these days.

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