ANYDAY welcomes the brand new ANYDAY Academy

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ANYDAY Academy

At ANYDAY we want to give a warm welcome to our new members of ANYDAY Academy!

We want to help the upcoming generation Z, by helping them well on their way to their future working careers, by offering them real-life work experiences at ANYDAY.

ANYDAY recently started ANYDAY Academy which consists of students who like to test their theoretical skills and knowledge from their studies in real-life work experiences while living abroad and making memories they will never forget!

ANYDAY Academy currently consists of three marketing interns who recently joined our office in Alicante, Spain where they are working on relevant tasks related to their studies.

From start January we will have 9 more students joining the academy, where we offer three positions in the Academy at our office in Chiang Mai, Thailand and six positions at our office in Alicante.

What are the members’ thoughts on ANYDAY Academy? 

Lasse, 25, (middle in the picture) currently in the process of finishing his bachelor degree in International Sales and Marketing at University College of Northern Denmark: 

“This was a great opportunity to test my skill set and knowledge that I have got in connection with my study. For me, one thing is to sit on the school bench learning about business, another thing is to actually sit in a real-life company with real-life business cases to solve. I personally think that this is the most effective way for me to gain more knowledge and skills in connection with my study. As I’m studying Sales and Marketing from an international perspective, it makes great sense for me to work abroad in a multicultural company that operates in different countries across Europe. This gives me a good insight into how people from different countries and different cultures are working together towards their goals. At ANYDAY my work is to coordinate and execute events like Black Friday, Singles’ Day, and the Christmas sale. Also, it is my task to find and write relevant e-commerce blog posts on our website.”

Simon, 26, (right in the picture) currently studying a Master’s degree in Corporate Communication at BBS, Aarhus University in Denmark:

“We have the option to do internships in our 9th semester and for me, that was a no-brainer, so I chose to apply for a position at ANYDAY after four years of being very theoretical. I was looking for jobs that would either enable me to be a part of the planning and decision-making process of marketing processes or one that allowed me to be part of the creative communication processes. At ANYDAY I get to do both. My work revolves around the company’s CRM system, and my biggest task has been – and is – writing and setting up our user-journey flow systems. I feel like my opinion is being heard at ANYDAY and my suggestions for changes, optimization, and/or new additions to both existing and new flows are always met constructively. I like working in a setting of freedom with responsibility and if you do too – ANYDAY is definitely a place for you.”

Helene, 24, (left in the picture) obtained a BA in Intercultural Marketing Communication from Copenhagen Business School in June:

“When I obtained my bachelor’s degree in June, I had just rejected a study place at a master’s program. I postponed my studies because I was tired of school and homework and at the same time felt like I needed more real-life experience within my field, before continuing my studies at an even higher theoretical level. Making this decision in the middle of a global pandemic, I knew that I had to be ready to grab any opportunity that came my way. That opportunity turned out even better than I had hoped for. I was offered an internship in marketing at ANYDAY and I would live in Spain. I have been working with developing a new social media strategy from scratch, developing the visual identity of ANYDAY cross-channel and I am working with influencer management, too. The organizational structure is completely flat, and they trust you as an equal employee at the company; you actually have a say. You are not just sent on coffee runs – actually, the only one that has picked up coffee until now has been my boss.

At ANYDAY we are very thrilled about the direction the ANYDAY Academy is heading towards. We have great expectations for the future of the students and this Academy! 

Are you looking for an once in a lifetime experience at ANYDAY Academy?

Does ANYDAY Academy sound like the perfect adventure for your internship? Then grab your keyboard and apply for the next recruitment round in January.

Apply for your internship in ANYDAY Academy:

Marketing in Chiang Mai
Sales and customer service in Chiang Mai  
Sales and customer service in Alicante

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Vi giver dig de bedste nyheder inden for online betalinger, e-commerce, forbrugermentalitet med mere.

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