Cyber Monday – The big shopping day for online stores

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Cyber Monday

Let’s face it! In Europe, we are more likely to get inspired by big events in the US like Black Friday, Halloween, Super Bowl, and the day they are calling Cyber Monday. But what is Cyber Monday really, and how did it become the biggest online shopping day in the US? 

How did Cyber Monday become the biggest online shopping day in the US?

To answer this question, you cannot help but talk about Black Friday, because Cyber Monday started in the wake of Black Friday. Black Friday has existed in the US for more than 30 years and has become a traditional shopping day in the US and latest in Europe. But what has Black Friday to do with Cyber Monday?
The term Cyber Monday was coined in 2005 by Ellen Davis, senior vice president of research and strategic initiatives for the National Retail Federation (NRF), who had for several years noticed a recurring spike in online revenue and traffic on the Monday following Thanksgiving. It was believed that it was because people were making purchases from their computers at work, where the internet connection was faster and their kids couldn’t get a sneak peek at their Christmas gifts. The NRF group, therefore, issued a press release a few days before Thanksgiving, 2005, where they debuted the term “Cyber Monday”.

Let’s take a look at the online sales numbers from Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the US

If we take a look at the numbers from 2019 in the US, Black Friday’s online sales beat all previous records, reaching $7.4bn, up from $6.2bn on Black Friday 2018. The numbers show us, that Black Friday just gets bigger and bigger. But if we take a look at Cyber Monday in 2019, this was an even bigger day for online sales in the US, with Cyber Monday reaching $9.2bn, up 16,9% from $7.9bn in 2018. This sales number has in only three years increased almost three times more, where the online sales number in 2016 was $3.39bn.

Is Cyber Monday getting more attention due to COVID-19 this year in Europe?

Black Friday usually runs with most of the attention in Europe. Black Friday was originally only a shopping day with offers and sales in the physical shops but has evolved into being a shopping day online as well. This has of course stolen some of the attention from Cyber Monday, which is originally only a shopping day for the online stores, but Cyber Monday is still a huge shopping day for the online stores.

As a new aspect to these days, both days will this year take place in the middle of a world pandemic in the shape of COVID-19. This can most likely lead to a lot of consumers shopping online only due to the increased health risks of shopping in large crowds. This increased focus on social distancing may mean that Cyber Monday will get increased attention in Europe this year due to Cyber Monday’s main focus on online shopping.

Prepare your webshop for the busiest sales period in 2020.

The biggest and most important sales period in 2020 is nearby. Here we are talking about the sales up to Black Friday, the sales during Black Friday, the sales after Black Friday, the sales on Cyber Monday, and the whole Christmas sale during November.
 Your webshop should be prepared for the busiest sales period by now, but you can read our list of 9 essential steps to prepare your online store for Black Friday to make sure that you are prepared for everything during this busy sales period!

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