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mobile-friendly online store

You have an online store and of course, it rocks! But have you made your online store mobile-friendly? 

At ANYDAY, we dare to say that the target audience that buys on smartphones is the target audience that is more on the move than others. Not just physically – mentally too.

So if your online store does not work on your customers’ smartphones, they will find another online store that will.

However, it is not the only important thing that happens if you do not have a mobile-friendly online store. Let’s just mention the other two most essential things here:

  1. Google will love you!

Your online store will simply rank better on Google. They have even made an article about why it is important to have a mobile-friendly website.

  1. Your followers on social media will love you!

Most people are typically on social media on mobile, and if they want to take a closer look at your store, it will be embarrassing to you if they encounter a messy page that they can’t navigate on.

Are you in doubt if your online store is mobile-friendly? Go check it out right here.

Let’s move on to how you can make your site more mobile-friendly! 

How you can make your site mobile-friendly

  1. No more pop-ups = Happy customers

Receiving a pop-up while browsing from a smartphone is a horrible experience. It slows down the speed on a mobile browser. Often, pop-ups are not set up properly, which means that it’s almost impossible to close out of

Even Google says too many pop-ups will have a negative impact!

  1. Set images and columns as a percentage

It’s more simple than it sounds! If you have chosen a mobile-friendly theme for your online store (which will make things much easier for you!), this is set up automatically. If you haven’t, this is a big help to you. When choosing sizes of columns and images in your online store, set it by percentage and not by pixels.

If you select percentages, columns and images will change as the screen size, from which you visit the online store, changes. Therefore, you do not have to scroll to the page to get the entire online store, which you should if the images and columns were set in pixels. Horizontal scrolling just isn’t cool. 

You may have heard of CSS media queries, which may be a little more sophisticated, but it can really improve your online store on smartphones. If you are not a coding-shark, Google is your friend to answer the questions you might have. A web developer may also be your “friend”, but is also sometimes a bit pricey. It’s up to you!

  1. Let Google be one of your very best friends

Google has created a program called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs), which are easy and clear pages that make your online store even more mobile-friendly. Here you can set up your content without having to code everything.

With AMPs, you make your mobile-friendly online store 10 times faster than usual, and as our Marketing Manager Lasse has written about before, high speed in your online store can be the reason why customers prefer your online store before others. 

It’s about being where the customers are, but it’s also about doing things right.

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