Update your Klarna products to the latest version before ultimo September

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Klarna is about to phase out their “Klarna Payment Methods” and “Klarna Checkout (v2)”. These methods and checkouts are replaced with updated versions which will benefit both you and your customers. The updated versions will only be made on Klarna’s newer versions, Klarna Payments, and Klarna Checkout (v3).

What are the features of the new versions of Klarna Payments and Klarna Checkout (v3)?

The new Klarna Payments (KP) comes with features both for merchants and shoppers. The terms and conditions will always be up to date, and Klarna Payments has one single integration covering all current and future Klarna markets, which will reduce efforts going forward and make it easy to start selling to new markets.

The new Klarna Checkout (v3) is built on state-of-the-art technology which is designed to provide a streamlined experience for shoppers, as well as new and improved features. All enhancements are designed to help increase acceptance rates and sales and you will always get the latest features that Klarna provides by upgrading to the latest version.

ANYDAY supports the new versions

As an ANYDAY customer, you will still be able to be supported by the new Klarna agreements through “Klarna Payments”.
With Klarna Payments you can receive payment through “Klarna Pay Later”, “Klarna Pay Now”, and “Slice it”. 

Do you still have the Klarna (v1) version?

If you have the older Klarna (v1) version, this can still be supported, but it requires that you migrate your old Klarna agreement to a new agreement. If you still want to receive payments through Klarna, you must make sure to initiate this migration before ultimo September.

Are you having trouble with this upgrade and need help, you can contact Klarna’s support: Product-upgrade-support@klarna.com.

How do you migrate your old agreement to the new versions?

All you have to do is these two steps: 

  1. Login to Klarna > access Klarna admin.
  2. Generate new credentials.

ANYDAY is willing to help you insert the new credentials in your QuickPay Manager (your payment gateway).

If you are still not sure on how to migrate, Klarna also has an “Upgrade Assistant” which can help you with the migration process. 
You can read much more about the migration and the new Klarna Payments (KP) and Klarna Checkout (v3) on Klarna’s FAQ here.

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