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Mobile Payments | ANYDAY

The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating for most businesses but also opened doors for the e-commerce industry. Some new trends are coming with higher speed than first anticipated. 

The current world situation has shown the importance of the focus on hygiene. Some items that are not hygienic, are coins and banknotes. The cautiousness for the physical contact with these hand shifting forms of payment has made the road to a cashless world even shorter than it was before the outbreak.

Many consumers would rather not use physical means of payment when there is an easy and safe way to pay that provides the option to control the contact with surfaces. 

In a survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) it found: Going forward three out of five respondents (60%) were “extremely” or “very” likely to use digital payments for daily transactions instead of cash.

Change of consumer habits

When paying in stores, it has been contactless as far as possible since the outbreak. The consumers now have had to learn how to use Apple pay and other contactless payment methods to minimize the risk infection. 

In this effort, some consumers may have met Apple Pay which is a service that stores your credit card information and let you pay for purchases via your iPhone.
When it requires only a few taps on your phone to pay, why shouldn’t you do that and remove the risk of being in contact with bacterias? 

Now, some coin paying consumers have been exposed to the convenience of the contactless payments – and might be ready to use these in the e-commerce market.

According to Bloomberg, this is also the case for Apple Pay: 

…if Apple Pay became increasingly used inside physical stores, it seems likely customers will be inclined to use the service for e-commerce transactions as well…”

When shopping online Apple pay is just as easy and convenient to use as in a physical store – just a few taps and that’s it, the checkout is completed. You don’t have to find your payment card to type in all the small numbers. 

The number of Apple Pay users has started to grow rapidly over the last years. As of September 2019, Apple Pay had 441 million users.

Apple Pay | ANYDAY

There are many other advantages of Apple Pay:

  1. Compatibility: Apple pay is compatible with the major banks and supports all credit cards 
  2. Secure: Apple pay minimizes the risk of your credit card information being stolen. 
  3. Easy to use: It has a simple user interface. 
  4. Free of charge: Apple pay is free of charge thus, retailers will be able to sell goods or services without any fee charges.
  5. No internet connection: You don’t need an internet connection for you to use Apple Pay. 
  6. Convenience: We always have the phone next to us wherever we go. Thus, we can easily use the phone to make payments.

When the coin users learn to use alternative payments in the physical stores, they’re also able to use them in the world of e-commerce. 

The importance of offering a high number of payment options is higher than ever before. 

ANYDAY offers the Apple Pay implementation completely free of charge and giving the consumer the option to use what might be the future of payments is easier than ever with us.

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