New update from ANYDAY: PSD2 & 3-D Secure v2

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Since you are an ANYDAY Merchant you need to pay attention to the new PSD2 update from ANYDAY. The new PSD2 will become effective during the fall or towards the end of 2020. At the same time, 3-D Secure v2 will be required.

The EU directive aims to increase the security of online commerce by making Strong Customer Authentication (e.g. 3-D Secure) required for most transactions.

Simplified, SCA is required for the following payments as required by PSD2:

  •         Payments above 30 (approx. DKK 225).

  •         On creation of subscriptions, but not on later withdrawals.

  •         On creation of saved cards, and each later withdrawal.

  •         Subsequent draws of “saved cards” whose cardholder is present (e.g. 1-click payments where card information is stored at the store, to make the checkout flow easier).

For subsequent draws of “saved cards” where the cardholder is not present, SCA is not required. An example of this is automatically refueling a mobile subscription with unscheduled draws.

Get ready for PSD2 and 3-D Secure v2

 Be sure you can receive 3-D Secure. By default, online stores using ANYDAY can use 3-D Secure, and most are already doing so.

However, we recommend that you go through the list below to be on the safe side:

  1. Activate Secured by Nets if you receive Dankort.

    In QuickPay Manager under Settings -> Acquirers -> Nets, make sure Secured by Nets is enabled.

  2.  Do a redemption test for your acquirers.

    In QuickPay Manager you can perform a redemption test for each card acquirer. Go to Settings -> Acquirers -> The selected acquirer. Make sure that the 3-D Secure test is green and has gone through.

    Note: This does not apply to Nets (Dankort). Here you must instead test payment with a Dankort.

  3.  Check your shop URL.

    Under Settings -> Merchant, you can see your shop URL(s). Make sure it looks right and have “http://” or “https://” first.

  4.  Make a manual payment in your shop. The last and best way to check if everything works as it should is to make a payment in your shop with 3-D Secure with the payment cards you have available.


Enable 3-D Secure for PSD2 payments

 At the latest 1 January 2021, 3-D Secure should have been activated for all new payments over 30 euros and the creation of subscriptions and saved cards.

From November 1st, there is a risk of certain transactions being rejected if they are completed without 3-D Secure.

The recommendation is that you activate 3-D Secure on all payments over 30 immediately and when creating subscriptions.

This can be done in QuickPay Manager under Settings -> Fraud Filter, where you can add PSD2 rule sets at the top.

3-D Secure v2

It will soon be possible to use 3-D Secure v2 for payments in ANYDAY.

It is not yet clear exactly how the transition will take place, but it is important that you set up your shop as soon as possible, so that it is ready.

This is done by making sure that you include address information on all your payments:

If you are unsure if you already include address information or not, you can check your payments, subscriptions, and saved cards in the QuickPay Manager, and during each transaction to check if address information is already sent from the shop.

Still not sure on how to get your online store ready for these updates?

If you are still not sure on how to get your online store ready for these updates or are you having any questions regarding these, you can contact ANYDAY Support at if you are an English customer or for Danish customers. 

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