A successful online store focuses on product descriptions

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How would you sell your products in a physical store?

Would you just stand behind the counter and mumble when your customers enter, or would you step out and share from your expert knowledge?

We know what creates the most sales.

Make your expert knowledge create the most sales by writing product descriptions on your website that shine through!

What is a good product description?

A product description is a text that stands next to a product you are selling on your online store.

If you are selling tires, you need to describe your tires in a way that leaves your customers with no doubt about what exactly they are putting in their cart.

The description must create trust – the same way as when a customer goes to a physical store and gets help from a sales assistant. It needs to create a desire for purchase!

Buuuuuut! We are also some SEO crunching nerds here at ANYDAY, so we have to consider how the descriptions place you compared to your competitors in this internet-jungle.

Product descriptions can help you get an even better Google placement if you focus on the right words (keywords), that you believe your potential customers will search for when shopping online.

Google has a program named Google Keyword Planner that can help you find the right keywords for your product description – and generally on your website. It requires a Google Ads account.
Good product description has about 200-300 words. Making it shorter is silly because it would not give you enough space to use the desired keyword. You might as well use the opportunity to be better placed on Google.

On the other hand, a longer description would not make sense either. It would become too long for your customers. If you have a lot to say about your products, we recommend you start a blog on your website instead, or maybe even a guide for the use of your products.

What is a (good) product title?

Your product title is first and foremost, super important. The product title is the headline for this blog post. Notice the “Product descriptions” in our headline. That is not a coincidence, but actually our keyword in this context, since it is the primary focus of this blogpost. You might also have noticed how many times product descriptions have been mentioned here – that’s not a coincidence either. SEO, SEO, SEO.

View your product title as a headline to what your customer will be receiving, so when they search for products like yours, your products will have a better placement alone by the product title –  supported by a good product description.

So, how do you write a product description that makes your customers fill up their online cart?

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and ask yourself what you would need to feel to purchase this product. If you are not within the segment of customers you are reaching out to, you should consider asking for help from someone who is.
Write facts about your product, but make sure to create a feeling in the customer too.

If you are selling a pink nail polish, make the customer envision themselves wearing it, with a specific outfit in a specific situation.

Product title and description for the pink nail polish could be:

Product Title: Chanel Nailpolish – Longwear nail colour – pink (Include the brand name as a help)

Product Description: Give your style an edge and complete your look with this Chanel Nailpolish that guarantees a longwear. The nail polish has an easy to apply consistency, so it creates a smooth coating for each layer. Regardless of the grey weather, this nail polish can brighten up your day. This nail polish from Chanel is an accessory that can change your expression and create a more sophisticated look, like we also believe a rouge (insert intern link for the rouge) can as well. See all the available colors here(internal link to all the Chanel nail polishes on your website).

Scrub your hands with our favorite scrub(internal link to scrub), and make sure to scrub well around your nails. If you wish to, you can add a dash of cuticle oil (internal link to cuticle oil) to your scrubbing routine to ensure your cuticles are pushed back a little. File your nails into your desired shape, and finish with a hand lotion. Remember to use a basecoat before you apply the nail polish. The basecoat creates tiny air bubbles that enable your nail polish to last even longer. When the basecoat is dry, you apply the first layer of your Chanel nail polish on. Hereafter, you can apply layers after need.

So our work is built up around three focus points:
What does the product do?
What does the product give me, if I use it?
How do I make use of the product?

Those are the three things the customer could need to know.

Keep it down to earth and true, but try to play around with it, so you differ from your competitors. Regardless of if the products are nice-to-have or need-to-have.

Customers need to choose your online store out of (probably) many!

So remember that SEO! It cannot be said enough.
If you’re not completely into the whole SEO thing, you should give our role model Neil Patel, whom we have learned a lot from here at ANYDAY.

And no worries, we will continue adding more input to the SEO show. Maybe you have become a little curious about what links can do for you after reading this? – We’ll write about that very soon! 🙂

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