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Social Media… Everyone uses them, so you have to be too! But where to start? What to do? Because now you have so much leftover time, when you have ANYDAY as a payment solution in your online store, and of course you have to spend your time on promoting your business on Social Media, if you ask me. 

Social Media was not a subject in primary school, so many of us don’t know that much when it comes to making a Social Media strategy. Is it a good idea to make corny videos on Instagram, or are you supposed to make competitions on Facebook? How much storytelling should you include? (Don’t worry, we will make a blogpost about storytelling later on.) 

So in this blogpost we will go through the most essential things you have to focus on, when you are going to spend your precious time on being on social media.

I want to start telling you what you have to focus on no matter what social media you are operating on. After this I will go through social media, I think may be the most rewarding for a webshop owner like you to use. 

You can be the business that is breaking through on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. No matter what, I think you should start with one media and try some different things… You never know how it will end. 

Oh well, let’s get started! 


TIP 1: Your brand needs a personality

It’s very simple: If you don’t have an understanding of your brand, how it appears and how it makes people feel, your appearance on social media will not help you. People want personality.

Who or what do you want to be associated with? Who do you want to talk to? When you have decided on what target group you want to communicate to, you have to find out how the people in this group identify themselves with the world around them. 

Create a brand identity:
– Make a persona
– Decide a tone-of-voice (Have you ever thought about what tone-of-voice ANYDAY has?)


TIP 2: Talk to your target group

Imagine that you are standing in front of 20 people talking to them. The more you know the 20 people the better your speech will be.
You therefore have to do some research – it makes a huge difference if you know your target group. Be specific to yourself about who you want to talk to and talk to them. Everytime you reach out!

Social media can be a direct channel to your target group, where you can get them to engage in what you are doing. Isn’t it amazing? You are so close to the people, you want to get to buy your stuff. Take advantage of this, but use some time to get to know them first! It will be beneficial for you, I promise! 


TIP 3: Build a community 

What kind of interests does your target group have? What gets their attention and how do they get entertained on social media? Learn from this kind of research – do what the best ones do but keep your own identity of course! 

Kim Kardashian does it, Starbucks does it, IKEA does it. They do it in three different ways: Kim K takes pictures of her fancy life and selfies in different settings, Starbucks uses humor, IKEA uses storytelling.
What do they have in common? They give their target group what it wants. They are supporting their own brand identity continuously by sharing something that goes hand in hand with what they want to achieve on social media. They are not only telling the world what they want. They are making the community tell everyone what they want, because the community is sharing and commenting on the brands’ posts. The community helps them. 

So doesn’t anyone think that Kim K is not that cool? Oh yes. Is there anyone who thinks that Starbucks’ humor is bad? That too. But you have to make a decision about what you want to represent and do it 100%! Kick ass! Scream out loud! Keep going everyday. Then you will not only get customers. You will get ambassadors and that is stronger than anything else. 


Moving on to the next question: What social media is matching you best? Let me give you a short presentation of the social media that, if you ask me, works best for a webshop owner like you. 



Instagram is fantastic, if your target group is younger, because they are on that popular smartphone constantly. More than you know and more than they know. It’s so genius for you! You can show your products on Instagram and this is the media where the target group is expecting to come a little closer to you. 

Instagram makes you be more present, because you have to manually post your things. So be prepared on getting a new “friend group” on social media, if you choose Instagram. It will take time, and you will most likely neglect your private account for a while.

But I promise you, that it is worth it, if your target group is on Instagram.

Good inputs for content on Instagram:
– Take your customers behind the scenes in your business. Challenge yourself: How close can they get? Open up!
– Create tutorials. Are you an expert on something, that people can learn from? Tell them what you know! Show what you have got!
– Start corporations with businesses that will be beneficial for both of you! You are maybe selling furniture inspired by the african culture? It might be that there are others on Instagram who want more focus on the african culture in general. Unite! 



On Facebook there is not the same foundation for creating communities, but if you really want to you can do it! Nespresso’s customers have groups on Facebook, where they talk and discuss Nespressos products. How cool is it that a brand is so strong that the customers create a community themselves?

You can amongst other things focus on Facebook-ads. Facebook’s ads can get you a place in the spotlight, but you can’t only buy Facebook ads. You have to create good content too to make your appearance live up to what you pay for the Facebook ads. On Facebook you will most likely be able to reach out to a huge part of your target group, because almost everyone is on Facebook these days

BUT! Just because it’s more difficult to create communities on Facebook, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work on engaging people. There are benefits of doing the following on Facebook:
– Create content that makes people stop scrolling, because they get too interested in your content.
– Take pictures and make videos. Posts without visuals don’t catch the receiver which means they will not pay attention at all to you and your business.
– Ask questions that make the target group write comments and tag friends, so your organic reach gets bigger. 


We said it before: Quality over quantity! Rather do one thing 100% than doing five things 20%. Start small and build that community! One step at a time!

That is what we do here at ANYDAY. We are focusing 100% on creating more success for you and your business.


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