ANYDAY supports PayPal

With ANYDAY you can easily get PayPal into your gateway. It is a super simple payment method that can be used by consumers and online stores worldwide.

Payments worldwide

No creation fee

Well-known and recognized payment method

Paypal - 265 million active users

With PayPal, you offer an easy and safe payment method, where the customer simply has to click twice to make the purchase – all without leaving your online store. Paypal offers both single payments and subscription payments.

PayPal supports 25 different currencies and has more than 265 million active users worldwide.

PayPal’s transaction fee depends on your monthly revenue. PayPal will be responsible for deducting the transaction fee for each payment and depositing it into your account.

How do I get PayPal in my online store?

It is super easy to get PayPal into your ANYDAY gateway. When setting up your ANYDAY account, simply tell your ANYDAY contact that you want PayPal – and we’ll do the rest.

When creating your ANYDAY gateway, we simply add PayPal at no charge.

If you want to read more, you can find information on PayPal’s website.

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