3 good reasons to pay with Anyday when shopping online!


In a market characterised by high interest rates and fees paid by consumers, Anyday is a breath of fresh air. Our first priority will always be to strengthen our customers’ option for more flexible and favourable instalment payments.

We know that instalments and terms of business can seem rather long-winded. That’s why we’ve put together three good reasons why you should pay with Anyday.

You’ll have more breathing space

Our goal is to allow our users to access the things they want and need, while still maintaining control and oversight of their finances. With Anyday, you avoid spending months to cover the gap left in your finances by a new bike or computer.

With Anyday, payment always falls on the last day of the month. The system is designed to ensure that as much money as possible is available when payment is due. In addition, Anyday has a milder reminder procedure, and gives extra days to receive payment if needed, to avoid you getting into trouble in case of late payment of wages or similar. We believe this is a more responsible and attractive way to pay.

You avoid fees and interest

Instalment payments have long been associated with dubious terms, hidden interest and expensive surprises. Installment plans have long been subject to a tarnished reputation that has been heavily damaged by hidden interest rates, opaque terms & conditions and aggressive reminder procedures.

In short, fees and hidden terms are foreign words at Anyday. That’s because we’re committed to 100% transparency regarding the terms we present to you. Web shops that offer payment with Anyday pay a slightly higher fee than usual when you choose to split your payment. This ensures that you can always split your payment completely free of interest and fees.

It’s super easy!

Shared payments should be easy, secure and transparent. All you need to do to use Anyday’s services is to create a user account via our website. Next, you undergo a short credit assessment. Once you’ve been approved, you’re ready to split your payment into 4. You always pay the first 1/4 of the price when you complete your purchase. Instalments 2, 3 and 4 are paid automatically on the last working day of the following months.

Alright. I’m intrigued.

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