A fair way to split payments

Split your payment today - no additional cost

Pay the amount in 4 equal installments over the following 4 months. No hidden fees or interest rates!


Place items in the cart and choose ANYDAY Split as your payment method, when you are done shopping.

Instant approval

We conduct a credit check and approve you in less than 20 seconds.


You pay 25 percent of the price upon checkout. The remainder will be paid automatically.


With ANYDAY Split you always know exactly what you pay and when you pay. We think it's fair to be transparent!

Split your payment!

With ANYDAY Split you split your payment into 4.

For transparency you can always see when your next payment will be.

As long as you pay on time – no extra fees and costs are added.

We think that’s fair! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  • 1. Where can I use ANYDAY Split?

    In the online stores that offer ANYDAY Split payments, you will find ANYDAY Split’s badge next to the products.The badge will be clickable and explain how the installments are paid back.

  • 2. What does it cost?

    It doesn’t cost you anything to use ANYDAY Split. There are no interest rates, hidden costs or fees.

  • 3. What happens if an installment can’t be charged on my payment card?

    If it is not possible to charge the monthly installment on your payment card, we will send you an email. We will then attempt to charge the amount 2 days later. If it should still not be possible, the normalt late fee procedure according to danish law will start.

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