ANYDAY supports Swish

The Swedish mobile payment company, Swish, simplifies the purchase for the consumer in Sweden. Over 7 million consumers take advantage of it, and they make a single-click payment.

Easy mobile payments in Sweden

More than 7 million users

Highest conversion rate in Sweden

How do I get Swish in my online store?

In order to get Swish, you need to have an agreement with them. Then ANYDAY manages your entire Swish setup.

When setting up your payment solution at ANYDAY, we set up your entire gateway.

We have well-educated technicians who have done it thousands of times.

After we have received your swish number, we will create your Swish certificate and set up Swish in your ANYDAY gateway. Then you are ready to receive payments using Swish. 

You do not need to collect the money yourself in your Swish account. Payments are made from account to account, so the amount will automatically be credited to your account as soon as the customer completes the purchase.

If you want more information, you can always find it on Swish’s website.

Swish - Easy payment method

A lot of online stores in Sweden already have Swish in their gateway, which is quite understandable.

It is all about making the purchase journey as easy for the consumer as possible

– with just one click, the customer can make the purchase.

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