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Viabill is a Danish fintech company located in Copenhagen. With Viabill, your customers can split their payments into 4 equal parts, and therefore avoid paying the full amount at one time.

0.75% in transaction fee

18% Higher conversion rate

32.7% bigger basket sizes

ViaBill gives you more payment options

Viabill addresses the online stores that would like to offer its customers a wide range of payment options.

The more forms of payment you offer your customers, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

As an online store, you take no risk. The customer buys the product, after which Viabill takes a low transaction fee of 0.75% and pays the money to your online store in 14 days.

From here, it is Viabill’s responsibility to collect the money from the consumer.

How do I get Viabill in my online store?

With a subscription to ANYDAY you get ViaBill completely free of charge on your online store.

When setting up your ANYDAY subscription, we set up the entire payment solution and add ViaBill – All you have to do is ask.

How does Viabill work?

  1. Your customer finds a product and chooses Viabill in your gateway. Typically, the customer may already see the Viabill price on your product page if a price tag is installed.
  2. According to Danish purchasing law, the customer often has a 14-day return right if the product does not live up to the expectations.
  3. After the 14 days, ViaBill will charge a transaction fee of 0.75% and send the online store the rest of the money. From here, it is ViaBill’s responsibility that the customer pays. Therefore, your online store takes no risk when the customer uses Viabill.


It is currently possible to get ViaBill in your online store if your company operates in Denmark, Spain or the United States .

If you would like more information, you are always welcome to visit ViaBill’s own website.

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