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As a merchant at ANYDAY, you have the opportunity to get the popular mobile payment, Vipps, in your gateway in Norway. ANDYAY is a partner with Vipps and therefore we can easily handle the entire setup of your Vipps account.

Easy mobile payments


Increased conversion rate


well known company in Norway

What is Vipps?

In Norway, Vipps has more than 3 million users, and is generally a very popular and easy payment method.

Offering Vipps in your gateway will increase the conversion rate and the basket sizes from day 0.

Vipps has different forms of payment depending on which company you are. It is both possible with general e-commerce, but you can also send invoices and receive payments in your physical store.

It is only possible to receive payments with Vipps in NOK.

How do you get Vipps in my online store?

When you partner up with ANYDAY, it doesn’t cost you further to get Vipps in your gateway. When we are setting up your ANYDAY account, we will at the same time implement Vipps for free in your online store. It is a part of an agreement with ANYDAY.

If you would like to read more, you can always visit Vipps’ own website.

If you want to know more about mobile payment in the Nordic countries, you can read about your options at ANYDAY with the Swedish mobile payment, Swish.

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