Visa included with ANYDAY

Visa, together with Mastercard, is the most widely used payment method in the world.

With this, customers have the opportunity to use debit and credit cards, which at ANYDAY have a transaction fee as low as 1.35%.

One of the most used payment options

Increased security with 3-D Secure

Supports all currencies

How do I get Visa on my online store?

An appointment with ANYDAY makes it super easy to get Visa in your gateway. In order to obtain Visa, you must have an acquirer agreement. Due to ANYDAY’s acquirer agreement with Clearhaus, Visa is already included in your ANYDAY agreement. 

From here, it’s pretty simple. You make an appointment with ANYDAY and we will set it all up for you on your online store.

VISA supports 3-D Secure

With Visa you achieve a high level of security. Visa supports 3-D Secure, which is known as the security clearance a customer must go through upon a purchase.

The security approval is typically done through with an SMS code that is sent to the customers mobile phone, which will verify the purchase.

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