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Online shopping has to be easier and installment
payments should be more transparent.

That’s what we’re fighting for every day.

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We are on a mission to become the preferred checkout solution
for e-commerce, by creating the best shopping experience for


The existing installment payments are outdated. That is why we
made it our goal bringing installment payments into the 21st



We handle money. That’s why transparency
is the core value in everything we do. Our
customers must feel safe in our company.


We connect customers with webshops.
That’s why it is important for us to be fair
and offer the best solution for both parties.


We believe that more brains offer a better
result. Therefore, the entire organization, all
of our customers, and webshops are all
important elements in our future growth.

Anyday is all about
installment payments

We provide a service that makes it possible to split payments into
smaller installments, that you pay over time.

Doesn’t sound very revolutionary, right?
It isn’t.

Installment payments aren’t a new thing
But we don’t like the way it’s working at the moment.

Unfortunately, installment payments are currently designed in a way
that tries to trap consumers in an evil spiral of interest and fees.

The countless unpleasant econimcal surprises make installment
payments an expensive solution. It’s ruining all the advantages!

We think that’s a shame....
And thats why we started Anyday.

A universe without
unpleasant surprises

We’ve made an effort toward removing all unpleasant surprises. Instead we have
chosen to focus on creating a universe without anything hidden in the fineprints.

Wait... how is that possible?
We’re glad you ask!

Anyday is only a possibility thanks to all the wonderful online stores, that have
chosen to take their stand and take responsibility for how installment payments
should work.

All of these partners have chosen to pay a slighty higher fee per transaction, to
ensure their customers will never get any unpleasant surprises.

That’s how you get access to all of the advantages that installment payments offer,
while getting rid of the sketchy conditions that usually hides in the fineprint.