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We handle money. That’s why transparency is a core value in everything we do.
We serve as a link between shoppers and shops. That’s why we play fair.
We are in this together. That’s why all parties are equally important to us.

Most payment solutions require glasses. This one doesn’t.

We’ve come up with a payment solution that gives customers the opportunity to slice their payments and pay it over 4 months.
Mm. That doesn’t sound very revolutionary?
It isn’t. But we don’t like the way BNPL is working at the moment, and so we decided to see if we could do better.

Don’t take our word for it. We’re not the ones doing the shopping.

My first time using Anyday, and it couldn't have gone smoother.
I was a bit sceptical but quickly realised that there was no reason to be!
Excellent payment solution. I completed the sign up in no time!
Anyday is super easy to use. No interest, no fees.
They make things so simple for costumers!
I can split a payment in 4 without having to pay interest or fees.
Love the concept and the service!
I can very much recommend their service, so far everything works like a charm!
Best payment solution I've experienced!
It even works when you return an item that was bought via Anyday. I will definitely use it again.
I wanted to pay off the 75% early, and it was no problem whatsoever.
Anyday has made it super easy to apply for a flexible repayment solution. Highly recommended!
Worry-free, safe and reliable.
I can conveniently plan my purchases. Splitting works, plus you don't pay extra fees when lending.
Very easy to use - I'm satisfied!
Great service, very efficient and helpful!
I feel safe shopping with Anyday. No unpleasant surprises.
I can pay in slices without having to pay for that service.
Hidden fees written in the fine print often make instalment payments a rather expensive solution.
Yeah, exactly. See why I don’t trust it?
Definitely. But we just have one fee. And it’s paid by the shops, not by you.

No more unpleasant surprises.

Because no one really likes that.
We’ve made an effort to make it simple.
And we’re leaving the solution in your pocket.
Eh. What?
The Anyday app. You're welcome.
Our partner shops pay a 3.95% transaction fee. That means you pay nothing for paying in slices.
Our partner shops want to take responsibility for how instalment payments work. They're the heroes.
That’s how you get access to all of the advantages that installment payments offer

Don’t take our word for it. We’re not the ones doing the shopping.

Our team is your team.

Henrik Bøgelund Lavstsen
Senior Software Developer
Data Entry
Natthita Tangthai
Data Entry (Freelancer)
Data Entry
Prapasree Chaiyapoch (Pukky)
Data Entry Manager (Freelancer)
Worralak Komarachun (Tik)
Onboarding Manager
Theis Vincent
Onboarding Manager
Customer Service
Lasse Riebeling Hansen
Customer Service Agent
Customer Service
Steffen Søndergaard Jensen
Customer Service Agent
Kasper Sang Kjærgaard
Key Account Manager
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