Anyday. Any different?

The Buy Now Pay Later market is a bit, well yeah. We decided to see if we could do better.
We want to be the preferred paymentsolution for shops and shoppers.And we want you to understand why.
Transaction fee
You pay a 3.95% transaction fee.
Weekly payouts
You receive your due payout the week after.
No credit risks
We run the credit risk. You run the show.
30,000 kr.
Shopper credit
Our maximum credit is 30,000 kr.
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And if you want it in numbers.

new shoppers join Anyday every month
1,400 kr.
is how much a shopper spends on average
merchants have already signed up
is how much their order value increases
is the upswing they see in conversion rate
is the transaction fee they pay in return

Time is precious. Integration is key.

Our technicians will implement the system within 48 hours.
The cost? A signup fee of 1.995 kr. ex. VAT. Read more
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Numbers are cool. But people speak volumes.

Let's hear from two of your shoppers.

Sometimes you have to do all the work.

And sometimes you don’t.
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Step 1
Leave us your contact details
Step 2
We’ll get the integration ready for you
Step 3
Our technicians will make sure you’re live within 48 hours
Step 4
That’s it. Shoppers can pay with Anyday
Step 2
Shop at 1500+ online stores

you have to do all the work.

And sometimes you don’t.
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Your success is our success.

Klædeskabet raised their average order value by
Legetøjseksperten raised their average order value by
Green Goddess raised their average order value by
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Don’t take our word for it. We’re not the ones doing the shopping.

It will pay off. Literally.

Here's why.
  • Better shopping experience
  • Flexible payments
  • Anyday app
  • No hidden fees
  • Better selling experience
  • Increased sales
  • Seamless integration
  • No risks

And now. Time for questions.

We know you’ve thought about it.

When will I get paid?

Mmm. Is it expensive?

How much does the shopper pay to use Anyday?

Will using Anyday help my business?

Did we answer your questions?
Na, not really. Help.

Alright. I’m intrigued.

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