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Success stories

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Sales boost
See how we help partner shops increase their average order value.
Cooperation is key. That’s why we’re prioritizing great customer service and joint initiatives.
The Sneaker Store: “Our customers requested BNPL."
“We chose to add Anyday because our customers requested the option to pay for our products over time. We have a relatively high basket size, and Anyday has helped make it more accessible for all types of customers to shop with us.”
Collector’s Cage expands its customer base by offering Anyday
"With Anyday the customers can split the payment if they don’t have the funds to pay the full price upfront. It gives them flexibility and the ability to buy the items they want without putting too much strain on their finances at once.”
Customer experience is a high priority at Autofix
“It quickly became clear that the basket size with Anyday was higher. In fact, the basket size has increased by more than 50%, which we are naturally very satisfied with."
Comforth Scandinavia: "Installment payment is a must-have".
"Especially for purchases of the more expensive products, we saw that many, perhaps 10-15%, chose to pay with Anyday. That's sales we might not have gotten if we couldn't offer your installment payment solution".
Got Anyday recommended by their network: GrejFreak has no regrets about the partnership
"We quickly noticed that our customers started using Anyday, and we've received positive feedback because it's easy and free for them to use".
Blossom: "We had the highest sales just a few hours after Anyday went live".
"It was easy and quick to integrate, and our customers were already using it the same day we got it online. So it has been something our customers were missing".
Kop & Kande: "We could see the effect of Anyday from day one".
"Customers buy more when using Anyday, and we have the opportunity to reach a broader customer base by offering a more flexible payment solution".
This is how Handelshuset Aulum achieved an AOV of 135.9%
"It's not like so many other split payment providers where the actual cost to the customer is hidden away behind interests and fees, so. With Anyday I can offer split payment to my customers with a clear conscience."
This is how SassyLAB experienced even better results with Anyday
"In terms of our results with having Anyday in our shop, we are happy and satisfied, we are a relatively new solution and webshop, but in collaboration with Anyday I feel we can be looking forward to a bright future"
Cykelpartner has only had positive experiences with Anyday
"I like that they are part of our normal checkout flow. So customers don't have to leave the webshop to apply for credit, instead they go straight through checkout, which I feel is perfect for the conversion rate."
Totteland experienced a clear increase in AOV with Anyday
"We made a decision to try Anyday on our webshop. I am to this day, happy to say that we still have a really good win-win partnership.”
Yummi Haircare wanted to try a new installment payment solution collaboration
“Da vi fik Anyday tilsluttet vores webshop, kunne vi se effekteten med det samme. Der kom en række langt større ordrer end der plejede”
The average order value of Legetøjseksperten were increased by 230.67%
"Not only has it been a great experience for customers to have Anyday on our webshop but it has also raised our average order value by 230.67% which we are extremely happy about."
Klædeskabet raises its average order value by 95.75%
"With Anyday, we've actually seen our average order value increase by as much as 95%. We have been extremely pleased to be able to offer our customers a fair and transparent payment solution."
Green Goddess raising their average order value with 128%
“Order value on orders made with Anyday are on average 128% higher than our order value with any other form of payment”
Number Nine surprised about how well customers welcomed Anyday
“I am very impressed with how well our customers have welcomed this new way to pay...”
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