Green Goddess raising their average order value with 128%


Green Goddess is a webshop inspired by the healthy lifestyle, made by passionate women, who focus on sustainability and green living.  

Green Goddess offer their customers guides, recepies and products for a healthier lifestyle.

At Green Goddess we wanted to raise the conversion of our products in the price range above 2.000 DKK. Anyday’s solution, where customers can split their payment up to 5.000 DKK, has lifted our conversion greatly. Orders made with Anyday are on average 128% higher than our order value made with any other form of payment.

It is important for us, that our customers are free of charge when they choose to split their payment. We target conscious women, who do not use quick personal loans or services that will harm them financially in the long run. Therefore we are happy to pay a slighty higher transaction fee so that our customers avoid any interest or fees.

Anyday was not entirely ready to integrate into our Shopify store when we started the partnership. But we have always been kept up to date throughout the process. When the integration was ready, Anyday made sure the onboarding process went smoothly.

We have used Anydays' customer service a few times and it has always been quick and helpful.

Quick and easy
“Order value on orders made with Anyday are on average 128% higher than our order value with any other form of payment”
Isolde, Green Goddess

About Green Goddess

+ 128 %
Increase in avarage order value
Women age 25-50
Target group
Health and wellness
Shop system
March 16th 2021
Live with Anyday
Offer Anyday

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Our entire onboarding experience was smooth. We got Anyday connected as a payment solution.
"We made a decision to try Anyday on our webshop. I am to this day, happy to say that we still have a really good win-win partnership.”

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