Complaint guidelines

Anyday strives to give you the best customer service as possible. However, if you are not satisfied with our service, product or anything else related to Anyday, we have established a process for handling concerns of any kind, and we invite you to make use of this.
Our complaint officer is our Head of Legal. The complaint officer will process all complaints.
If you wish to file a complaint with us, please send an email to and include as many details as possible. Please include your name, email address, telephone number and a description of the issue you wish to complain about. The more details yougive, the faster and more accurate we will be able to process your complaint.
We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 3 business days. We strive to process your complaint within 15 business days, unless we are busy, in which case, we will notify you within 15 business days and we strive to process your complaint within 35 business days. If your complaint is of complex character or requires external advice, the processing of your complaint may take longer, but we will keep you informed during the process. In all cases, your complaint will be processed within a reasonable time.
If the decision by the complaints officer is not satisfactory to you, you may file a complaint to:
Mæglingsteamet for Forbrugerklager og Forbrugerklagenævnet, Nævnenes Hus
The mediation team does not make a decision but assists in finding a solution through mediation.
You may also file a complaint via EU’s online portal. The complaint can be submitted atthe following link: and must refer to Anyday's email address (

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