Our entire onboarding experience was smooth. We got Anyday connected as a payment solution just within a few hours.


Totteland.dk is a 100% Danish owned and E-labelled company with a warehouse in Vejle. Totteland started with a desire to find the best products for our dog, Fie.

At Totteland they strive to find the best for your dog regardless of size and have since they started up, also expanded to cat equipment, so all kinds of pets can be pampered!

I was contacted by a salesperson from Anyday's sales department. The solution sounded really appealing and with no setup fee or commitment period. Therefore, we made a decision to try Anyday as a complementary payment solution on our webshop. To this day, I am happy to say that we continue to have a very good win-win partnership.

Our whole experience with onboarding was smooth. We had Anyday added as a payment solution just within a few hours. We are super happy with the partnership and there has been nothing to complain about, other than a few issues in our webshop's checkout, which was quickly resolved with great customer service from Anyday.

Since joining Anyday we have seen our average order value increase. So we are looking forward to continuing our cooperation.

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"We made a decision to try Anyday on our webshop. I am to this day, happy to say that we still have a really good win-win partnership.”
Frederik, Totteland

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+ 55 %
Increase in avarage order value
Everyone with a dog
Target group
Pets & Animal Supplies
Shop system
August 5th 2021
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