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Most payment solutions require glasses. This one doesn’t.

Why do I need to pay a signup fee?
Our Onboarding Team spend a day getting the integration ready. We think it’s a fair price considering ...
.. how much you have to look forward to!
  • Avg. 50% increased basket size on Anyday orders
  • A free spot in our shop collection
  • Onboarding if you change shop system
  • Your very own marketing toolkit
  • Excellent support!
Mm, and I get all that for 1995,-?
Yes. Doesn’t sound like a lot now, does it?Follow Shaping New Tomorrow, Sinnerup, Kop & Kande, Teeshoppen and all the others - offer your customers a fair payment solution next time they’re in your checkout.

Don’t take our word for it. We’re not the ones doing the shopping.

Alright. I’m intrigued.

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